Then & Now


Greetings! It has been quite a while since our last update to our community so we wanted to share what has been going on, where we are and most importantly where we are going in 2020 and beyond.


Over the past two years we have been working diligently to provide an alternative tracking solution to the crypto market because we were simply unsatisfied with what was available at the time. We had specific needs and developed Cryptograf for ourselves primarily to address our use cases. Once complete, we were happy and excited to share this project with the world and gain a small and growing following of active users and fans of the product.


Since the launch of Cryptograf, we have accomplished quite a bit:

-- expanded from 5 to over 30 exchange integrations
-- support over 30 different base currencies
-- launched real time price updates
-- balance change notifications
-- daily/weekly & monthly portfolio performance alerts
-- price alert notifications (based on selected base currency)

We have spent the last few months completely re-architecting the backend and changing our infrastructure to ultimately create a platform that is more scalable, secure, extensible, performant and testable which will prepare us for the next set of really exciting features we have been planning and working on (in tandem)

During this time, we have continued to get valuable feedback from you, our customer base, and we have been prioritizing what the next set of features look like.


Some upcoming features we have been working on:

-- Order Management (Create/Cancel/View)
-- Money Movements (Send/Receive/Transfer)
-- Mobile Security (2FA, Fingerprint, TX Limits)

Up until this point Cryptograf has been a primarily read-only application. It reads your exchange balances from your linked exchanges and keeps your portfolio up to date in real time in your selected currency base, which fulfilled our initial needs. The next derivative of this is to allow people to be able to take action natively through Cryptograf to better manage their portfolio quickly and easily through one interface

In this way Cryptograf is graduating from a portfolio tracker solution to a meta-exchange solution. We define a "meta-exchange" as a superset of your already integrated exchanges.

Part of this journey required us to take a "security-first" approach and implement certain measures to guarentee money movement transactions are protected, intentional and deliberate for you, our users. We continue to enhance + expand our test suites to increase coverage in this area.

Next Steps

We are still working through changes in our mobile interface to support the above feature set but will keep you posted as we make tangible progress.

We also will continue to release more exchanges and yes, we will be adding support for offline wallet addresses as well.

Thank you for the continued support and feedback, we value you all for helping us get Cryptograf where it is today.

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