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We’re releasing an AI-curated newsfeed that filters out the trivial price calls and scam accusations and only delivers the most critical events of the day to enable our users to make the best investment decisions.

Crypto Investors Shape the World

The cryptocurrency revolution granted humanity a way to organize and deploy their resources, work and capital, towards a common goal, without having to get permission, and without the fear of being shut out for arbitrary reasons. Cryptocurrency has introduced finance and investing to a whole new generation, to many who may not otherwise have invested in equities.

As investors, we get to choose which crypto networks have the resources to succeed, and to carry on their mission. We are the filter which helps decide which technology exerts itself upon the world. If we choose well, the networks we back will create value for the world and some of that value-creation will be reflected in an appreciating network token; our investment will be rewarded. If we choose poorly, we will lose our money, and we may even temporarily elevate grifters and scammers.

The Value of Models

To help us choose well we need to be able to construct accurate models of the world. Investors require good models to be able to correctly evaluate a potential new investments or to know when to double down on an investment, or to close out an investment in order to conserve capital to invest another day.

To build accurate models requires being able to weave together past and present events into a coherent narrative that can boil down the world’s complexity into something we can understand as humans and which is useful in providing explanations and predictions.

Consume events, curate narrative, make good investments.

Finding Quality Events

As investors we must constantly be consuming events, ie. news, to make sure our models of the world still support our current investment thesis and that we’re ready to correctly assess the risk and reward of any new investment opportunity that crosses our path. One way of doing that is to read as many news sources as possible.

The challenge with doing this is curating a good list of sources. Given our list we then have to filter out those items which don’t pertain to those coins we are interested in, and finally we have to filter out the noise to find the actually important items which we think might move a coin’s price now or in the future.

Cryptograf Newsfeed

crypto portfolio tracker newsfeed

To save our users time and effort we’re launching the Cryptograf newsfeed an AI-curated, real-time feed of the critical news relevant to the coins you’re tracking in your portfolio, which you can access in the Main Menu. Cryptograf will show you relevant news for any coin tracked in your portfolio.

Many news aggregator apps just pool a bunch of crypto news sources, content farms, twitter and reddit threads and give users a blast with this firehose, but this makes it difficult to separate the signal from the noise and you are left wading through price calls and “to the moon” declarations. Some newsfeed aggregators crowdsource the filtering-out of useless information.

Cryptograf’s newsfeed relies on a neural network trained on data labeled by veteran traders to recognize when a news item is important enough to potentially move a coin’s price. The advantage of this is that you only see important news, and it’s filtered instantly without it having to be seen by other people to signal its importance as in the crowdsourced example.


Cryptograf also presents news items in a “readability” format, stripping away ads and distracting text to get you the information you need as quickly as possible, which also helps with performance when loading.


You can find the AI-powered Newsfeed in the Cryptograf main menu.

Add any coin to your Portfolio (just to watch, adding a balance is not necessary) and any important news associated with that coin will start showing up in your news feed.

This will allow you to keep track of the events shaping your investment thesis. Better information will enable you to build a better model of the world and make better decisions about whether to enter into a new investment, whether to close out an existing investment, or whether to double down on it.

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