Start Simple, Grow Powerful


Cryptograf can now sync with your favorite exchange and track your balance automatically, without you having to update your balance after every trade or transaction.

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Start Simple

When we initially released Cryptograf, our goal was to make it the easiest way to start tracking your portfolio. Many investors and traders hold funds in multiple exchanges, and wallets, a tool like Cryptograf provides a single, concise view of their crypto net worth.

Other crypto portfolio trackers we had used always forced us to enter our transactions before calculating the portfolio balance. Instead, we wanted to know the value of our portfolio within seconds of entering the app. We wanted to be able to enter just the number of coins we owned, choose the Exchange to get pricing data from, and have Cryptograf do the rest.

crypto portfolio tracker

crypto portfolio tracker

Spread the Word

Our next release was to allow us to share our portfolios with our friends. Having setup our balances we wanted to show our friends and family but hesitated because of the etiquette around revealing ones finances. We released Incognito Mode as a way to hide the absolute dollar amounts of your balances but still show the allocation of your portfolio and how you valued different coins relative to each other.

crypto portfolio tracker


While we chose the ease of entering a single balance over many transactions, we did so at the cost of getting a more granular view into our trading history, and the ability to calculate our investing performance.

We felt that entering transactions by hand becomes extremely painstaking when you accrued any non-trivial trading activity. Because of this we felt the best way to reflect transactions in your Portfolio tracker is through automatically integrating with the exchange where you trade.

crypto portfolio tracker

Grow Powerful

Today we’re proud to announce Cryptograf Exchange Sync which give you the ability to import your coin balances automatically from the Exchanges you trade at, without having to enter trades manually after-the-fact. The initial release is only the first step in being able to import trades and transactions, but it significantly improves your ability to always know your crypto net worth.

We’re rolling out the ability to sync Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, and Binance in this release and will be rolling out Kraken, Poloniex, and Gemini in the next weeks. Please let us know which Exchanges you trade on and would like to see synced.

crypto portfolio tracker

crypto portfolio tracker

Thinking Ahead

Today we’re working hard to enable syncing trades and transactions from the exchanges you integrate with. In the future we will be syncing open orders as well. Our short-term goal is to create a single “God’s Eye” view of all of you trading and transacting activity so you can answer questions like when was the last time I traded EOS? Was the trade profitable?

We also have various other improvements we will be rolling out like real-time price updates, as well as the ability to sign up to accounts so you can use Cryptograf across multiple devices and recover your data and integrations if something happens to your phone.

Please check out our app, and give us feedback, it’s the best way we can improve the product, and make sure to sign up for our newsletter for product updates and insights into the cryptocurrency space.

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