Incognito Mode


We’re releasing the Incognito Mode feature so you can share and discuss the coin composition of your portfolio while still keeping your total investment balance private.

Sharing Is Caring

Have you ever been chatting crypto with a friend and wanted to show the coins in your portfolio?

You pull out the app and hesitate because the entire amount that you’ve invested is staring you in the face, and you’re not sure if you would be comfortable sharing that with your friend.

cryptocurrencies as a percentage of total portfolio

We ran into this issue, both when trying to share our portfolios, and when just trying to show off what we’ve built.

After having tried more than a few other cryptocurrency portfolio apps, we wanted to build something with a clean, intuitive user experience, that made it easy, and fast to get started tracking cryptocurrency investments across multiple exchanges.

We couldn’t wait to show it off and get feedback. But we couldn’t.

To solve this we’ve added a feature called Incognito Mode to Cryptograf. When toggled to this mode, Cryptograf shows each individual coin balance as a percentage of your total portfolio balance (which it hides).

cryptocurrencies as a percentage of total portfolio

This allows you to share and discuss your favorite coins while still keeping the size of your investment private.

by @metamitya

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