crypto portfolio tracker
crypto portfolio tracker
crypto portfolio tracker

Track your crypto portfolio across multiple exchanges

Automatically calculates your crypto portfolio value as coin prices fluctuate so you always know how your investments are performing.

Simple to get started. Removes the hassle of entering transaction data. Simply choose your coin, enter the amount you own, and the exchange where it's held.

Choose from over 2000 cryptourrencies and get pricing data from over 75 exchanges.

We do not collect any identifying information and all application data is sent over https.

crypto portfolio tracker app crypto portfolio tracker app

Why choose Cryptograf?

When we first start out investing in cryptocurrencies we manually calculate our portfolio value using excel or by doing some quick math in the chrome console. Cryptocurrency prices are volatile so the value of our portfolio changes very quickly and we are forced to keep looking up prices and redoing the math if we want to keep abreast of our investment's performance.

This is where Cryptograf becomes very useful. Cryptograf lets you add the coins in your portfolio, specify the amount you own, as well as the exchange where the coin was purchased. Cryptograf then gets the correct cryptocurrency prices for you and calculates the value of your portfolio. It also lets you add coins that you're curious about and want to monitor, without necessarily having a balance.

Other crypto portfolio apps offer the approach of entering all of your transactions manually. Cryptograf keeps it simple and lets you enter your balance so you can get started quickly. Soon you will be able to sync with your exchanges and have transactions automatically imported.

Cryptograf is focused on an intuitive user experience and a clean, beautiful interface. Prices and balances are clearly shown, and sparklines provide context for how prices are behaving at a glance.

We've put a lot of work into getting Cryptograf to look and feel right, and we hope you give it a try.

crypto portfolio tracker

Portfolio Features Coming Soon

Incognito Mode
The ability to share the coin composition of your crypto portfolio without having to reveal your portfolio balance. This will also enable sharing your portfolio to your social networks without revealing your balance to the whole world.
Multiple Exchanges Per Coin
Investors whose crypto portfolios contain a particular coin held across multiple exchanges will be able to get accurate pricing data for their investments.
Exchange and Wallet Integrations
Automatic exchange and cryptocurrency wallet integrations so crypto portfolio balances are correctly tracked even as transactions are conducted.
Start Tracking!
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...and subscribe for clear, concise cryptocurrency insights.