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crypto portfolio tracker
crypto portfolio balance

Track Your Crypto Portfolio

Automatically track your cryptocurrency investments, no matter which coins you own or which exchanges you trade them on.
crypto portfolio balance

Exchange Sync

Connect to your favorite exchanges to automatically track coin balances as you trade without having to update them manually.
crypto incognito balance

Incognito Balance

Share the relative allocation of your portfolio with friends while keeping the size of your investment private.
crypto research

Coin Research

Search and track prices for over 1800 cryptourrencies and 90 exchanges.

Automatically Sync Exchanges...

Coinbase Pro

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crypto portfolio tracker
price alerts

Price Alerts

Get price notifications when your coins perform volatile price movements so you never miss an opportunity to trade.
crypto incognito balance

Real Time Prices

Watch your portfolio balance and coin prices update in real time for the most accurate and up-to-date view of your crypto world.
crypto research

Curated News Feed and Research

No price speculation or calls for "moon". Just the most important news you need to know, along with the research to help you understand the implications.


power of crypto investing

The Power of Investing

Crypto democratizes investing. The currencies you buy fuel the decentralized networks that seek to shape the world. Investors are responsible for choosing the vision they wish to coalesce into reality and the projects best positioned to make that happen.
power of crypto investing

Know #Crypto

To be effective in manifesting your vision through your investments means being able to track and evaluate your portfolio, to educate yourself to take advantage of opportunities, and to share your insights with others interested in your approach.
power of crypto investing

Portfolio Tracking

Our goal is to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date price data for your current and potential #crypto investments, no matter which coins you own, where you store or trade them.
power of crypto investing

Coin Analytics

Evaluating the best ways to invest your money is more than looking at spot prices. We're working to aggregate and deliver the metrics needed for good decision-making, including network transaction data, developer activity, and bitcoin-normalized-price data.
power of crypto investing

Learning & Research

Much of #crypto discussion is random price predictions and calls for "moon". Effective #crypto investing requires learning and understanding new projects and tech. Cryptograf will deliver the relevant information you need in the most concise way possible.

Know Crypto

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